<<suspicionup>><<suspicionup>><<frustrationup>>Just as you reach towards the machine for your disk there is a loud clanging noise. The machine abruptly stops and a klaxon sounds. The archvist and police both come running. "You've jammed the machine!"\n<<randomp 50 "\sn"e;What about my disk?"e; you ask.\sn"e;It's stuck - you can't have it."e; says the Archivist.\sn">><<randomp 50 ""e;Can I have my money back?"e; you ask, barely containing your frustration.\sn"e;A refund!"e; exclaims the Archvist, "e;you're lucky we don't charge you for breaking the machine."e;\sn">>"You should leave now" says the police man. "Without the box!" he adds. You leave the box containing the dossier and DVD case with him and leave the Archives Office.\n<<display "Leave the Archives Office2">>
jQuery('#snapback').parent().remove();\njQuery('body').append('<span id="snapback"></span>');
<<silently>><<timeadvance>><<timeadvance>><<timeadvance>><<randomp passage 95 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 90 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 85 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 80 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 75 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 60 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 30 "GotCash1">><<randomp passage 20 "GotCash1">><<endsilently>>The next three days pass without any notable events. The job at the Water Plant is just as mundane as ever and the racist coworkers tease you just as ruthlessly as ever. The most pleasant thing that occurred is when the Automated Banking Machine told you to have a nice day.\nWithout understanding why you find yourself again at the Archives Office requesting the same box.\nThe archivist drops the box on the desk and without a single hint of recognition says "This box is popular. Just a few days ago some person tried to leave with this one. It is amazing what junk people try and sell on the Internet."\n<<display "First Choices">>
<<if $dvdcopied gt 0 and $readdossier gt 0>><<display "Chap1Success">><<else>><<display "Leave the Archives Office3">><<endif>>
<<display "RealStart">>
try { \nvar _CupricAcidVars = { };\n\nmacros['resetcupricacid'] = { \n handler: function(place,macroName,params,parser) {\n _CupricAcidVars.suspicion = 0;\n _CupricAcidVars.frustration = 0;\n _CupricAcidVars.time = 0;\n },\n\n init: function() { this.handler(); }\n \n};\n\nmacros['suspicionup'] = { handler: function() {\n _CupricAcidVars.suspicion += 1;\n}};\n\nmacros['suspiciondown'] = { handler: function() {\n if(_CupricAcidVars.suspicion > 0) _CupricAcidVars.suspicion -= 1;\n}};\n\nmacros['frustrationup'] = { handler: function() {\n _CupricAcidVars.frustration += 1;\n}};\n\nmacros['frustrationdown'] = { handler: function() {\n if(_CupricAcidVars.frustration > 0) _CupricAcidVars.frustration -= 1;\n}};\n\nmacros['timeadvance'] = { handler: function() {\n _CupricAcidVars.time += 1;\n}};\n\nmacros['person'] = { handler: function(place,macroName,params,parser) {\n var f = _CupricAcidVars.frustration;\n var n = [ 'blessed soul', 'friendly person', 'helpful person', \n 'model citizen', 'person', 'dude', 'guy', 'citizen',\n 'smartass', 'wiseguy', 'comedian', 'jackass', 'asshole', \n 'halfwit', 'naive', \n 'ignoramus', 'uninitiated', 'touched by stupid',\n 'Captain Helpful', 'genetic deficient', \n 'humanoid with delusions of adequacy', \n 'specimen of all that is wrong with humanity',\n 'experiment in genetic comedy',\n 'Mr Dropped-on-head-as-a-baby',\n 'self-annointed messiah',\n 'candidate for extermination',\n 'blank',\n ];\n f = Math.round(f * (50/n.length),0);\n f = f + Math.round(Math.random()*7) - 3;\n if(f > n.length) f = n.length - 1;\n if(f < 0) f = 0;\n new Wikifier(place, n[f]);\n}};\n\n//_We override the built in display function.\n// NOTE: We can't just call the old one: scoping reasons, it hates being swapped out\nstate.display = function(d,b,a) {\n var endgameflag = 0;\n if( _CupricAcidVars.time > 7) endgameflag = 1;\n else if(_CupricAcidVars.frustration > 7) endgameflag = 2;\n else if(_CupricAcidVars.suspicion > 7) endgameflag = 3;\n \n var c=tale.get(d);\n this.history.unshift({passage:c,variables:clone(this.history[0].variables)});\n this.history[0].hash=this.save();\n var e=c.render();\n if(a!="offscreen"){\n removeChildren($("passages"));\n $("passages").appendChild(e);\n if(a!="quietly" && endgameflag == 0) fade(e,{fade:"in"});\n }\n if((a=="quietly")||(a=="offscreen")) e.style.visibility="visible";\n if(a!="offscreen") {\n document.title=tale.title;\n this.hash=this.save(); \n //document.title+=": "+c.title;\n window.location.hash=this.hash; \n window.scroll(0,0)\n }\n if(endgameflag > 0) {\n e.style.visibility="visible";\n jq('#passages ul').last().remove();\n c=tale.get('Failure'+endgameflag);\n var failhtml=insertElement(null,"div","","content");\n new Wikifier(failhtml,c.text);\n jq("#passages div.content").after(failhtml);\n }\n return e;\n}\n\n} catch(err) { \n throwError(place,"Cupric Macros Error: "+err.message); \n}
!Exit plan\n<<set $lookinbox = 0>><<set $watchdvd = 0>><<frustrationup>>You take the box and go to leave. The police officer who is guarding the exit halts you and instructs you to leave the box. Apparently you can copy anything you want, but you cannot take originals out of the office. You comply and leave the office.\n<<display "Leave the Archives Office2">>
!The Rule of Law\n<<frustrationup>><<set $readdossier = $readdossier + 1>>You take the dossier over to one of the empty desks and open it. The material within is written with symbols that you do not understand! There must be some mistake - this material is meant to have been declassified. <<randomp passage 30 "DossierHelperGuy">>\nYou read the material again and all you can recognise is the name "Cupric Acid" and the phrase "90% dead". <<randomp 30 "This is what you have been looking for.">> \n* [[Watch the DVD]]\n* [[Look around the room]]\n* [[Leave the Archives Office]]
<<if $lookinbox gte 1>>\n* [[Look inside the box again|Look inside the box]]\n* [[Read the dossier]]\n* [[Watch the DVD]]\n* [[Look around the room]]\n* [[Leave the Archives Office]]\n<<else>>\n* [[Look inside the box]]\n* [[Leave the Archives Office]]\n<<endif>>
!Abandoned by Fate\nSo many little things that should be easy are not. So many things that should be simple are complex. Your life is surrounded by a society who will not see beyond how things are to what they should be. You scream. You cannot help yourself. You scream again. Frustration rises within you like an erupting volcano and screaming is your only release. Suddenly the feeling is gone leaving nothing but the curious eyes of strangers full of wary concern. Concern not for you but for the repercussions of your display will delay their own timetables. \n<<display "Failure">>
!Abandoned by Fate\nYou hear strangers whisper but they stop when you turn to look. Something is afoot but you do not know what. You look around hoping for a face that will let you in on the joke but all you see are the faces of accusation. \nWithout warning you are suddenly surrounded by Police. They have their weapons drawn and are ordering you to the ground. Perhaps your aberrant behaviour drew their attention. Perhaps these oppressive organs of the government grew jealous at your fledgling quest for freedom.\n<<display "Failure">>
!Abandoned by Fate\nImpatience overtakes you. It rises within you like a demon and you feel it reach a crescendo that threatens to burn you alive. Did you take too long? Did you dither? In a sudden flash all sense of urgent motivation leaves your body. <<display "Failure">>
The <<person>> at the booth next to you helpfully suggests that this DVD player is probably broken.
!The Heavy Matter of Light\n<<frustrationup>><<set $money = $money - 5>>You place the contents of the dossier into the document hopper on photocopier. The machine counts the pages and then asks for five dollars. <<randomp 25 "That seems very pricey for the fifteen or so pages but you have little choice.">> You put the money into the photocopier and start pressing buttons. Nothing works! <<randomp 15 "You mash the buttons in irritation for a minute or so. Eventually you give up and " 999 "You">> realise that your five bucks is gone. <<display "CopyStationMyTurn">>
try { macros['randomp'] = { \n\n handler: function(place,macroName,params,parser) {\n var state = 0;\n var passageflag = false;\n var chance = 100;\n var r = Math.random() * 100;\n \n for(var i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {\n switch(state) {\n case 0:\n if(params[i] == 'passage') {\n passageflag = true;\n state = 1;\n break;\n }\n //No break !!! fall through if keyword 'passage' is not used\n \n case 1:\n chance -= params[i];\n state = 2;\n break;\n \n case 2:\n if(r >= chance) {\n if(passageflag) macros.display.handler(place,macroName,[ params[i] ]); \n else new Wikifier(place, params[i]);\n return;\n }\n state = 0;\n break;\n }\n }\n },\n\n init: function() { }\n \n};} catch(e) { \n throwError(place,"Macro Random Error: "+e.message); \n}
<<set $dvdcopied = $dvdcopied + 1>>Everything appears fine. <<if $dvdcopied eq 2>>It is good to have spares of such important things.<<else>><<if $dvdcopied gt 3>><suspicionup>>It seems a bit excessive to have so many copies, a fact noticed by the <<person>> behind you.<<endif>><<endif>> <<display "CopyStationMyTurn">>
!The Archives Office\n<<randomp 20 "The decor is what can only be described as Government Chic. No other sentient lifeform would dare pay so much for a style consultation only to have it made out of the tackiest materials in the known universe; Plastic, fake, scratch resistant." 20 "The room is more like a small hall. A few building support columns divide the space." 999 "This is just another typical drearily cheerful government office.">>\nThe door is guarded by a police officer. The counter to the Archivist is on the wall opposite the door. A long queue snakes away from the counter. On either side of the office are various booths with seats, reading desks and DVD machines. In the middle of the room is the Copy Station.\n* [[Watch the DVD]]\n* [[Read the dossier]]\n* [[Go to the Copy Station]]\n* [[Leave the Archives Office]]
You sit on the ground defeated. For reasons you cannot fully comprehend a darkness settles over you. In that very moment you notice a <<person>> watching you and they bolt upright like purpose has just given them a burst of energy. For you though; You are disconnected from destiny. You will never again feel the kiss of Fate. You feel the sever as a deep and all consuming depression that eventually swallows you whole. You soon fade from life.\n\nEND.
!About the Title\n<<back>>\n\nThe title was chosen in honour of a guy whose name I have forgotten. I was a teen at the time (early 1990s) he committed suicide by gassing himself in his car at his mother's house. He was a bit of an odd sort. He was into computers and had written some adaptive arithmetic training software which he used in his volunteer work. \nHe also self-published a magazine / journal called "Cupric Acid" that he used to push his not always rational ideas. He would try to sell it at markets with the things stacked on his the bonnet of his car. I can recall having a debate with him about the merits of living underground or, at the very least, putting thick polystyrene sheets over all the windows. I didn't always agree with him and I liked that; It made me think.\n\nIf you like this story then consider tipping me some [[BitCoin|http://bitcoin.org]]. Tips of any size gratefully received.\nBitcoin address: 1NxpdzhtVNYtwRumqZbae2pH71uRzAbmdH
!Spin \n<<set $watchdvd = 1>><<frustrationup>>Against the far wall are booths with DVD machines. You go towards the only free booth, ignoring the <<randomp 25 "people" 40 "deviants" 35 "lonely">> watching recently declassified government <<randomp 20 "drug" 20 "autopsy" 20 "torture" 20 "pornography" 20 "brain washing">> experiments. You sit yourself in front of the booth and try to power it on. Nothing happens. You press the buttons again and still nothing. You wait for ten seconds then try again. Still nothing. <<randomp passage 30 "DVDHelperGuy">>\nAll the other machines are occupied.\n* [[Leave the Archives Office]]\n* [[Look around the room]]\n* [[Read the dossier]]
!A Sense of <<randomp 25 "Relief" 25 "Pride" 25 "Accomplishment" 25 "Futility">>\nYou feel that you have accomplished all that you can in the Archives Office and are glad to have made it through that bureaucratic hell. \n\nWhat next though? You feel a thirst; What is on that DVD? What are those symbols in the dossier? Why did you choose that box? What is Cupric Acid? What you do know is that thirst is for the weak. Thirst is for the weak.\n\nWho knows what tomorrow will bring.\n\nEND.
Cupric Acid
#snapback { display:none; width:0; height:0; }
There is some <<person>> still using the Copy Station so you wait as patiently as possible for the <<person>> to complete whatever their task is. He seems to take forever! He turns <<randomp 30 "to you, lets you know that the photocopier is not working ">> and then leaves.
* [[About|About the Story]]
<<set $money = $money + 5>><<frustrationdown>>A <<person>> behind you notices that you appear to be without funds so hands you five dollars. You quietly whisper <<randomp 15 "insincere" 15 "forced" 15 "feigned">> thanks then turn back to the machines. <<display "CopyStationUse">>
* [[Copy the dossier|CopyStationUsePhotocopier]]\n* [[Copy the DVD|CopyStationUseDVDCopier]]
<<set $money = $money + 2>>
<<frustrationup>>You do not have <<if $money eq 0>>any<<else>>enough<<endif>> money with you so you step away from the Copy Station to let the next <<person>> have their turn; you were always <<randomp 35 "considerate in that way" 35 "one for maintaining outwards social appearances" 30 "conscious of how much time people delayed others for no good reason">>.
<<frustrationup>>The disk <<randomp 25 "is badly scratched" 25 "is horribly heat warped" 25 "is cracked" 25 "has no trace of any data having been burnt onto it. The laser head in the copying machine must be defective">>. The disk is unusable! There is no refund button on the DVD Copier machine and your money is lost! <<display "CopyStationMyTurn">>
!Copy Station\n<<randomp passage 60 "CopyStationQueue" passage 25 "CopyStationOneGuy" passage 15 "CopyStationNoQueue">>You step up the the machines. There is a list of prices for various copying activities. <<display "CopyStationMyTurn">>
<<silently>>\n<<resetcupricacid>>\n<<set $money = 0>> \n<<set $lookinbox = 0>>\n<<set $watchdvd = 0>>\n<<set $readdossier = 0>>\n<<set $dvdcopied = 0>>\n<<endsilently>><<display "Archives Office">>
<<frustrationdown>>Surprisingly there is no queue at the copy station.
<<frustrationup>>There is a long queue leading towards the copy station and nobody seems in any particular hurry. The <<person>> in front of you attempts to chat with you, but you are in no mood for small talk so he soon leaves you alone. After what seems like <<randomp 25 "an age" 25 "an eternity" 25 "long enough to find a cure for cancer" 25 "time enough for three point one four one mighty empires to rise and fall">> you are at the head of the queue.\n<<display "CopyStationOneGuy">>
<<frustrationup>>It seems that a <<person>> was reading over your shoulder. He says "Yeah, tough luck right. The law makes them release this material - but does not make them have to decode any of it."\nYou nod in acknowledgement. <<randomp 30 "Judging by the surprised look on his face you suspect that he knows more than he is letting on.">> Without any further hesitation he walks swiftly to the door and whispers something to the police officer standing there. <<randomp 10 "The police man glances furtively in your direction but avoids your eye contact." 20 "The police man nods and whispers something into his radio." 35 "The police man shoos him away with a kurt hand motion.">> The <<person>> leaves the Archives office.<<silently>>\n<<randomp passage 50 "DossierHelperGuyBelieved">>\n<<randomp passage 33 "DossierHelperGuyBelieved">>\n<<randomp passage 25 "DossierHelperGuyBelieved">>\n<<randomp passage 10 "DossierHelperGuyBelieved">>\n<<randomp passage 5 "DossierHelperGuyBelieved">>\n<<endsilently>>
!The Archives Office\nThe archivist drops the box on the desk and it emits a <<randomp 15 "choking" 15 "eye watering">> cloud of dust. What will you do?\n<<display "First Choices">>
!The Box\n<<set $lookinbox = $lookinbox + 1>>Inside the box is a single DVD and a dossier stamped "Declassified". It seems absurd that such a large box was used for so few items but the government always did have a thing for standard sizes and procedures.<<if $lookinbox eq 2>>The archivist <<randomp 20 "ignores you" 20 "just blankly looks at you" 20 "waits patiently" 20 "gives no hint of reaction" 100 "blinks">>. Maybe she is wondering <<randomp 25 "when you will leave her counter" 25 "what to eat for dinner" 25 "if she performed the box fetching in total accordance with best practice procedure" 25 "how to improve the box fetching procedure">>.<<endif>>\n<<if $lookinbox gte 3>><<suspicionup>>\n<<if $lookinbox lt 6>>Looking inside the box again barely raises an eyebrow from the other people in the room. <<if $lookinbox eq 3>> They must get all kinds of <<randomp 33 "weirdos" 10 "people" 24 "crazy people" 33 "lunatics">> in here. This opinion is comfirmed by quickly looking around the room.<<endif>><<endif>><<if $lookinbox eq 5>>\nThe archivist says in a monotonic and practiced voice: "There are booths behind you where you can look in the box in your own time." It should not have surprised you that her voice sounded <<randomp 20 "like a recorded message" 20 "robotic" 20 "like a computer" 10 "emotionless" 30 "monotonic">>. This must happen all the time.<<endif>><<if $lookinbox eq 6>>\n"<<randomp 25 "Hey friend, we're getting old here" 25 "Hurry the hell up" 25 "Pal, you've had your turn" 25 "Move it! I got somewhere to be">>." says the annoyed voice of a <<person>> behind you. The change in atmosphere attracts the attention of the police office who is acting as security by the entrance door.<<endif>><<if $lookinbox eq 8>>\nA police officer takes you away and throws you in prison for breaching the peace. After determining that you are harmless you are released a day later.<<timeadvance>><<frustrationup>><<frustrationup>>\nWithout understanding why you find yourself again at the Archives Office requesting the same box.\nThe archivist drops the box on the desk and <<randomp 75 "without a single hint of recognition">> says "This box is popular. Just yesterday there was a person wanting this who was arrested. You're not going to give me that kind of trouble are you?"\n<<set $lookinbox = 0>><<endif>><<endif>><<display "First Choices">>
Emmanuel King Turner
<<if $money lte 5>><<randomp passage 15 "CopyStationKindGuy" passage 999 "CopyStationNoMoney">><<else>><<display "CopyStationUse">><<endif>>\n* [[Watch the DVD]]\n* [[Read the dossier]]\n* [[Leave the Archives Office]]
!Optical Illusions\n<<set $money = $money - 5>>You place the DVD from the box and the five dollar fee into the DVD Copying machine. <<randomp 25 "The fee is much beyond what you suspect should be legitimate cost recovery" 25 "The fee probably includes a levy for the Office Holiday Season party">>. \nThe machine whirs and hums for <<randomp 25 "a minute" 25 "thirteen seconds" 25 "two minutes" 25 "fifteen minutes">> then stops. With <<randomp 25 "hopes high" 25 "great expectations" 25 "anxiousness" 25 "disbelief">> you go to retrieve your copied disk. <<randomp passage 60 "CopyStationUseDVDCopierSuccess" passage 30 "CopyStationUseDVDCopierFail" passage 10 "CopyStationUseDVDCopierJam">>