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-----------------\n<html>     </html>CHICKEN\n-----------------
Help has found you in a state of unconsciousness.<<set $s = 3>><<set $z = 4>>\n<<display "TurnStart">>
Your ransom has been paid and you are free to go.<<set $q = 0>>\n<<display "TurnStart">>
<<randomp passage 5 "Sandstorm" passage 999 "MovementEventCheckHurtHump">>
Your camel hurt his hump. Luckily the pygmies were footweary !!!<<set $c1 = $c1 + 1>>
<<display "RealStart">>
<<set $q = 1>>Wild Berbers hidden in the sand have captured you. Luckily the local sheik has agreed to their ransom for the pygmies !!!\nYou have a new choice of sub-commands\n<<display "CapturedMenu">>
Good luck and good cameling !!\nYou are in the middle of the desert at an oasis.\n<<silently>>\n<<set $z = 4>> Thirst level (reduces to 0)\n<<set $s = 6>> Drinks left in the canteen\n<<set $c = 0>> Player distance travelled\n<<set $c1 = 0>> Pygmies distance travelled\n<<set $q = 0>> Captured flag - 0 if free to roam, higher to be imprisioned\n<<set $f = 0>> Condition of the camel\n<<set $p = 0>> Counter - the pygmies can't catch you in the first three turns\n<<endsilently>><<display "TurnStart">>
<<randomp passage 50 "AttemptEscapeSuccess" passage 999 "AttemptEscapeFail">>
You ran out of water......sorry chum!!!\n<<display "Lose">>
Congradulations, you successfully escaped !!!!<<set $q = 0>>\n<<display "TurnStart">>
<<if $c gt 199>><<display "Win">><<else>>\n<<set $z = $z - 1>><<if $z eq 1>>----------W A R N I N G---------- Get a drink\n<<endif>>\n<<if $z lt 0>><<display "OutOfWater">><<else>>\n<<set $p = $p + 1>><<if $q gt 0>><<display "CapturedMenu">><<else>>\n<<if $p lt 4>><<display "TurnMenu">><<else>>\n<<set $c1 = $c1 + Math.floor((Math.random() * 10) + 2.5)>><<if $c1 gte $c>>\nThe pygmies have captured you. Camel and people soup is their favourite dish !!!!!\n<<display "Replay">>\n<<else>>\nThe pygmies are <<print ($c - $c1)>> miles behind you.\n<<display "TurnMenu">>\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
<<randomp passage 5 "HurtHump">>
Your camel thanks you!<<set $f = 0>>\n\n<<display "TurnStart">>
<<randomp passage 5 "MovementEventCaptured" passage 999 "MovementEventCheckOasis>>
You have arrive at an oases--------Your camel is filling your canteen and eating figs.<<set $z = 4>><<set $s = 6>>
<<set $s = $s - 1>><<if $s lt 0>><<display "Lose">><<else>>\nBetter watch for an oases !\n<<set $z = 4>>\n<<display "TurnMenu">>\n<<endif>>
Your sub-command\n<<choice "AttemptAnEscape" "7. Attempt an escape">>\n<<choice "WaitForPayment" "8. Wait for payment">>
Welcome to Camel. The object is to travel 200 miles across the great Gobi Desert.\nA tribe of knocked kneed pygmies will be chasing you.\nYou will be asked for commands every so often.\n\n\n\nC O M M A N D S :\n# DRINK from your canteen\n# Ahead MODERATE SPEED\n# Ahead FULL SPEED\n# STOP for the night\n# STATUS check\n# HOPE for help\n\n\n\n\n\nYou have one quart of water which will last you six drinks. You may renew your water supply completely at an oases. You get half a quart of water if found by help. If help does not find you after command six, you lose.\n<<display "GameStart">>
try { macros['randomp'] = { \n\n handler: function(place,macroName,params,parser) {\n var state = 0;\n var passageflag = false;\n var chance = 100;\n var r = Math.random() * 100;\n \n for(var i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {\n switch(state) {\n case 0:\n if(params[i] == 'passage') {\n passageflag = true;\n state = 1;\n break;\n }\n //No break !!! fall through if keyword 'passage' is not used\n \n case 1:\n chance -= params[i];\n state = 2;\n break;\n \n case 2:\n if(r >= chance) {\n if(passageflag) macros.display.handler(place,macroName,[ params[i] ]); \n else new Wikifier(place, params[i]);\n return;\n }\n state = 0;\n break;\n }\n }\n },\n\n init: function() { }\n \n};} catch(e) { \n throwError(place,"Macro Randomp Error: "+e.message); \n}
You have travelled <<if $c eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $c>><<endif>> miles alltogether.\nWhat is your command\n<<choice "CommandDrink" "DRINK">> | <<choice "CommandModerateSpeed" "MODERATE SPEED">> | <<choice "CommandFullSpeed" "FULL SPEED">> | <<choice "CommandStop" "STOP">> | <<choice "CommandStatus" "STATUS">> | <<choice "CommandHope" "HOPE">>
The local sultan is collecting......just wait.......\n<<display "TurnStart">>
You have been caught in a sandstorm.....good luck!<<set $c = $c + Math.floor(Math.random() * 21) - 10>>\nYour new position is <<if $c eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $c>><<endif>> miles so far!
// Needed to allow loops back through text while keeping output linear\n// Might as well suppress title and toolbar while we're at it\nPassage.prototype.render = function() {\n var passage = insertElement(null, 'div', 'passage' + this.title + 'j' + (new Date).getTime(), 'passage');\n = 'hidden';\n var body = insertElement(passage, 'div', '', 'body');\n new Wikifier(body, this.text);\n // event handlers\n passage.onmouseover = function() { passage.className += ' selected' };\n passage.onmouseout = function() { passage.className = passage.className.replace(' selected', ''); };\n return passage;\n};\n\n//And hack the choice macro - no going back!\nmacros['choice'].activate = function (el, destination) {\n var parentDiv = el.parentNode;\n while (parentDiv.className.indexOf('body') == -1)\n parentDiv = parentDiv.parentNode;\n var title =;\n var links = parentDiv.getElementsByTagName('a');\n var trashed = [];\n for (var i = 0; i < links.length; i++)\n// if ((links[i] != el) && (links[i].className.indexOf('choice') != -1)) {\n if (links[i].className.indexOf('choice') != -1) {\n var span = document.createElement('span');\n span.innerHTML = links[i].innerHTML;\n span.className = 'disabled';\n links[i].parentNode.insertBefore(span, links[i].nextSibling);\n trashed.push(links[i]);\n };\n tale.get(title).text = '<html>' + parentDiv.childNodes[0].innerHTML + '</html>';\n state.display(destination, el);\n for (var i = 0; i < trashed.length; i++)\n trashed[i].parentNode.removeChild(trashed[i]);\n}
You died in the desert.\n<<randomp 20 "The National Camel Union is not attending your funeral!!!" 20 "Your body was eaten by vultures and imported cannibals !!!" 20 "The local sheik now uses your skull for a change purse !!!" 20 "People with little intelligence should stay out of the desert" 999 "Turkeys should fly, not ride camels !!!!!!!">>\n<<display "Replay">>
<<randomp passage 30 "Oasis" passage 999 "MovementEventCheckSandstorm">>
<<set $f = $f + 3>><<if $f gt 7>>\nYou dirty rapscallion! You ran your poor camel to death !!"\n<<display "Lose">><<else>>\n<<display "MovementEvents">>\n<<if $q eq 0>>\n<<set $c = $c + Math.round(Math.random() * 20)>>Your camel is burning across the desert sands.\n\n<<display "TurnStart">>\n<<endif>><<endif>>
<<randomp passage 75 "WaitForPaymentSuccess" passage 999 "WaitForPaymentFail">>
<<set $f = $f + 1>><<if $f eq 8>>\nYou dirty rapscallion! You ran your poor camel to death !!"\n<<display "Lose">><<else>>\n<<display "MovementEvents">>\n<<if $q eq 0>>\n<<set $c = $c + Math.round(Math.random() * 10)>>Your camel likes this pace.\n\n<<display "TurnStart">>\n<<endif>><<endif>>
<<randomp passage 10 "HopeSuccess" passage 999 "Lose">>
<html><p style="text-align:center;">CAMEL</p>\n<p style="text-align:center;">Creative Computing Morristown, New Jersey</p>\n<br>\n<br></html>\nWould you like instructions?\n<<choice "Instructions" "Yes">> | <<choice "GameStart" "No">>
.passage .title { display:none; }\nbody { background-color: #000; color: #6f3; font-family: monospace; }\n#content2, .passage, #passages, h1, h2, h3 { background-color: #030; color: #6f3; font-family: monospace; }\n#content2 { padding: 1em 2.5em; }\n#passages { padding-bottom: 5em; }\n.passage { font-size: 12px; line-height: 17px; }\na.internalLink, a.externalLink, .disabled { color: #6f0; }\n.disabled { font-style: normal; }\n#footer { position: fixed; bottom: 1em; right: 1em; width: 15em; background-color: #000; text-align: left; color: #060; }
<html><br /><br /></html>Want a new camel and a new game\n<<choice "GameStart" "Yes">> | <<choice "NoReplay" "No">>
Your camel has <<if (7 - $f) eq 0>>0<<else>><<print 7 - $f>><<endif>> good days left.\nYou have <<if $s eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $s>><<endif>> drinks left in your canteen.\nYou can do <<if $z eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $z>><<endif>> commands without drinking.\n<<display "TurnMenu">>
You win, a party is being given in your honor.......\n.......The pygmies are planning to attend.......\n<<display "Replay">>
by Heath Users Group. \nConversion by Emmanuel King Turner, Oct 2012\nfrom "More BASIC Computer Games", 1979
You were mortally wounded by a pig stabber while escaping.\n<<display "Lose">>