Restart Story

<<set $f = 80>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $f = 100>><<display "x1630">>
/% Player stand still %/ <<set $b = 2>>That move made you a perfect stationary target\n\n<<display "x1040">>
<<set $f = 200>><<display "x1630">>
<<silently>>\n<<set $w = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1>>\n<<set $xtenth = $x / 10>>\n<<endsilently>><<if $w gt $xtenth>><<display "x820">><<else>><<if $c eq 2>><<display "x1820">><<else>><<if $c eq 3>><<display "x1840">><<else>>What a lousy shot. <<if $c eq 4>>\n<<display "x710">><<else>><<display "x1460">><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
/% Instructions %/\nYou have been challenged to a showdown by Black Bart, one of the meanest desperadoes west of the Allegheny mountains. While you are walking down a dusty, deserted side street Black Bart emerges from a Saloon one hundred paces away. By agreement, you each have four cartridges in your six-guns. Your marksmanship equals his. At the start of the walk, neither of you can possibly hit the other, and at the end of the walk, neither can miss. The closer you get, the better your chances of hitting Bart, but he also has better chances of hitting you.\n\nDo you still want to continue?\n<<choice "x460" "YES">>\n<<choice "x1370" "NO">>
.passage .title { display:none; }\nbody { background-color: #000; color: #6f3; font-family: monospace; }\n#content2, .passage, #passages, h1, h2, h3 { background-color: #030; color: #6f3; font-family: monospace; }\n#content2 { padding: 1em 2.5em; }\n#passages { padding-bottom: 5em; }\n.passage { font-size: 12px; line-height: 17px; }\na.internalLink, a.externalLink, .disabled { color: #6f0; }\n.disabled { font-style: normal; }\n#footer { position: fixed; bottom: 1em; right: 1em; width: 15em; background-color: #000; text-align: left; color: #060; }
/% Player jumps behind the watering trough %/<<set $b = 4>><<set $t = $t + 1>><<if $t gt 3>>\nHow many watering troughs do you think are on this street?\n\n<<display "x550">><<else>>\nNot a bad maneuver, you threw Bart's strategy off"\n\n<<display "x1040">><<endif>>
/% Start New Turn %/What is your strategy?\n<<choice "x620" "ADVANCE">> | <<choice "x1390" "STAND STILL">> | <<choice "x690" "FIRE">> | <<choice "x1410" "JUMP BEHIND THE WATERING TROUGH">> | <<choice "x1510" "GIVE UP">> | <<choice "x1610" "TURN TAIL AND RUN">>
/% Player gives up %/<<set $b = 5>>Black Bart accepts. The conditions are that he won't shoot you if you take the first stage out of town and never come back.\n<<choice "x1570" "AGREED">>\n<<choice "x1590" "NO">>
<<set $s = 10>><<display "x660">>
/% Player fires %/<<set $b = 3>><<set $c = $c + 1>><<if $c lte 4>><<display "x750">><<else>><<display "x710">><<endif>>
A very wise decision.\n<<display "x2080">>
<<if $c gte 4 and $x gt 10>><<display "x1070">><<else>><<set $p = $p + 1>>\n<<if $p eq 5>>Now is your chance, Bart is out of shells\n<<display "x1070">><<else>>\n<<if $p gte 6>>Bart just hi-tailed it out of town rather than face you without a loaded gun. You can rest assured that Bart won't ever show his face around this town again.\n\n<<display "x2080">>\n<<else>><<silently>>\n<<set $r = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1>>\n<<set $xtenth = $x / 10>>\n<<endsilently>>Bart fires . . . . . .<<if $r gt $xtenth>><<if $b eq 4>>\nThat trick just saved your life. Bart's bullet was stopped by the wood sides of the trough.\n\n<<display "x550">>\n<<else>>\nBart shot you right through the heart that time.\nYou went kickin' with your boots on.\n\n<<display "x2080>><<endif>><<else>>a miss . . . . \n<<if $p eq 2>>\nbut Bart got you in the right shin.\n\n<<display "x550">>\n<<else>><<if $p eq 3>>\nthough Bart got you on the left side of your jaw.\n\n<<display "x550">>\n<<else>><<if $p gt 4>><<display "x1070">>\n<<else>><<if $p eq 4>>\nBart must've jerked the trigger.\n\n<<display "x550">>\n<<else>>\nWhew, you were lucky. That bullet just missed your head.\n<<display "x1490">>\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
<<set $f = 50>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $z = Math.floor(Math.random()* 9) + 2>>Black Bart moves <<print $z>> paces\n<<set $x = $x - $z>><<if $x lt 0>><<set $x = 0>><<endif>>You are now <<print $x>> paces apart\n\n<<display "x550">>
<<set $f = 70>><<display "x1630">>
He's hit in the left shoulder, forcing him to use his right hand to shoot with\n\n<<display "x1040">>
<<set $x = $x - $s>>You are now <<if $x eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $x>><<endif>> paces apart.\n<<display "x1040">>
<html><br /></html>C.G. INC.\n\nEND
You now have <<print 4 - $c>> shells to Bart's <<print 4 - $p>> shells.\n\n<<display "x550">>
<<set $f = 10>><<display "x1630">>
Oh well, back to the showdown\n\n<<display "x550">>
<<set $f = 400>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $s = 8>><<display "x660">>
<<set $f = 250>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $s = 4>><<display "x660">>
<<set $f = 150>><<display "x1630">>
/% Player advances %/<<set $b = 1>>\nHow many paces do you advance?\n<<choice "x620_0" "0">><<if $x gte 1>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_1" "1">><<if $x gte 2>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_2" "2">><<if $x gte 3>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_3" "3">><<if $x gte 4>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_4" "4">><<if $x gte 5>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_5" "5">><<if $x gte 6>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_6" "6">><<if $x gte 7>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_7" "7">><<if $x gte 8>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_8" "8">><<if $x gte 9>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_9" "9">><<if $x gte 10>><html> </html>| <<choice "x620_10" "10">><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
<<set $f = 90>><<display "x1630">>
/% Start New Game %/<<silently>>\n<<set $x = 100>> /% Distance apart %/\n<<set $c = 0>> /% Your bullets used %/\n<<set $p = 0>> /% Bart's bullets used %/\n<<set $t = 0>> /% Water Troughs used %/\n<<endsilently>><<display "x550">>
<<if $p lte 4>>You now have <<print 4 - $c>> shells to Bart's <<print 4 - $p>> shells.\n<html><br /></html><<endif>><<display "x1040">>
// Needed to allow loops back through through while keeping output linear\n// Might as well suppress title and toolbar while we're at it\nPassage.prototype.render = function() {\n var passage = insertElement(null, 'div', 'passage' + this.title + 'j' + (new Date).getTime(), 'passage');\n = 'hidden';\n var body = insertElement(passage, 'div', '', 'body');\n new Wikifier(body, this.text);\n // event handlers\n passage.onmouseover = function() { passage.className += ' selected' };\n passage.onmouseout = function() { passage.className = passage.className.replace(' selected', ''); };\n return passage;\n};\n\n//And hack the choice macro - no going back!\nmacros['choice'].activate = function (el, destination) { \n var parentDiv = el.parentNode;\n while (parentDiv.className.indexOf('body') == -1)\n parentDiv = parentDiv.parentNode;\n var title =;\n var links = parentDiv.getElementsByTagName('a');\n var trashed = [];\n for (var i = 0; i < links.length; i++)\n// if ((links[i] != el) && (links[i].className.indexOf('choice') != -1)) {\n if (links[i].className.indexOf('choice') != -1) {\n var span = document.createElement('span');\n span.innerHTML = links[i].innerHTML;\n span.className = 'disabled';\n links[i].parentNode.insertBefore(span, links[i].nextSibling);\n trashed.push(links[i]);\n };\n tale.get(title).text = '<html>' + parentDiv.childNodes[0].innerHTML + '</html>'; \n state.display(destination, el);\n for (var i = 0; i < trashed.length; i++)\n trashed[i].parentNode.removeChild(trashed[i]);\n}
<<if $f gte 50>>Man, did he run. He ran so fast even the dogs couldn't catch him\n<<else>><<if $p gte 4>>\nYou were lucky, Bart can only throw his gun at you, he doesn't have any shells left. You should really be dead.\n<<else>>\nBlack Bart fires <<print 4 - $p>> shells.......\n<<if $p lt 3>>\nBlack Bart unload his gun, once in you back and <<print 3 - $p>> times in your A**. Now you can't even rest in peace.\n<<else>>\nHe got you right in the the back. That's what you deserve for running.\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\n<<display "x2080">>
<<set $f = 0>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $s = 6>><<display "x660">>
<<set $s = 3>><<display "x660">>
<<set $s = 2>><<display "x660">>
<<set $s = 1>><<display "x660">>
<<set $s = 0>><<display "x660">>
<<set $s = 7>><<display "x660">>
<<set $f = 40>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $s = 5>><<display "x660">>
<<display "RealStart">>
Greenhorn.\n\n<<display "x2080">>
Highnoon: by Chris Gaylo (1970). This converison by Emmanuel King Turner (2012).\n\nDo you want instructions?\n<<choice "x200" "YES">>\n<<choice "x460" "NO">>
<<set $s = 9>><<display "x660">>
/% Player turns tail and runs %/<<set $b = 6>>How far did you run?\n<<choice "x1610_0" "0">> | <<choice "x1610_10" "10">> | <<choice "x1610_20" "20">> | <<choice "x1610_30" "30">> | <<choice "x1610_40" "40">> | <<choice "x1610_50" "50">> | <<choice "x1610_60" "60">> | <<choice "x1610_70" "70">> | <<choice "x1610_80" "80">> | <<choice "x1610_90" "90">> | <<choice "x1610_100" "100">> | <<choice "x1610_150" "150">> | <<choice "x1610_200" "200">> | <<choice "x1610_250" "250">> | <<choice "x1610_300" "300">> | <<choice "x1610_400" "400">>
<<set $f = 300>><<display "x1630">>
<<set $f = 60>><<display "x1630">>
Nice going, Ace, you've run out of shells.\nNow Bart won't shoot until you touch noses.\nYou better think of something fast. (Like run)\n<<display "x1040">>
What a shot, you got Black Bart right between the eyes.\n\n\nAs Mayor of Dodge City, and on behalf of its citizens, I extend to you our thanks, and present you with this reward, a check for $20,000, for killing Black Bart.\n{{{\n************************************************************\n}}}\nCHECK NO. <<print Math.floor(Math.random()*1000)>><html>                                </html>AUG. <<print Math.floor(Math.random()*10)+10>>TH. 1889\n{{{\n CASHIER'S RECEIT~~~BANK OF DODGE CITY\n \n PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND\n \n THE SUM OF\n \n TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$20,000\n\n************************************************************\n}}}\n\nDon't spend it all in one place.\n<<display "x2080">>
<<set $f = 20>><<display "x1630">>
Grazed Bart in the right arm\n\n<<display "x1040">>
<<set $f = 30>><<display "x1630">>
/% Bart's Turn %/<<if $p lt 4 and $x lt 10>><<display "x1120">><<else>>\n<<set $q = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10)>><<if $q lte 5>><<display "x1070">><<else>><<display "x1120">><<endif>><<endif>>