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<<set $cp = $cp + 1>><<set $paadults = $paadults - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
!!The Great Sleep\nSpaceBoat is spaceborne and cruising away from earth. <<randomp 75 "SpaceBoat. Yes, what a stupid name! It is a Captain's perrogative to name their boat and you had so many other things demanding your attention.">>\nYou make a final check of systems: auto-nav, engines, statisupension, defense.... all GOOD.\nIt seems so quiet here in space and you actually enjoy some quiet time.<<randomp 40 " The stars are beautiful and clear without the disturbances caused by earth's atmosphere.">> What a contrast to the chaos of the recent past. \nBut you cannot wait for long, it is suicide to run the stringdrives unless all lifeforms are in statisbeds. The cruisedrives are just not fast enough to outrun the destroyer fleet. You'll have to go into statispension and trust your computer to take over. But one last thing: you take one last look at your controlcodes. You should probably write these down because they'll be needed to retake control if you are awakened.\n\n<<display "p1LaunchCodes">>\n\nGoodnight. You won't dream. I'll wake you if I need you. Trust me.\n\n\n\n<<display "GameOverTryAgain">>
The crowd breaks into a full scale riot and overwhelms the enforcers defending the launchpad. They desperately rush SpaceBoat looking to force their way into the stasisbeds. Many people are trampled<<randomp 50 " to death">> in the rush.\n<<if Math.random() lte 0.25>>\nThe rioters hunt you down. For you numerous failings you are subjected to a mock trial.\n\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOneReplaced">>\n<<else>> \nThe crowd is eventually brought under control but many people and several of your enforcers are dead. As part of the peace negotiations you are forced to accept some changes to your passenger list.<<set $pasvary = $pasvary + 10>>\n\n<<display "p1LoadPeopleDo">>\n<<endif>>
NASA has recalculated that the destroyer fleet will arrive sooner than expected.<html> </html><<set $countdown = $countdown - Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1>>
<<if $countdown gte 4>>\n!!A World of Knowledge\n<<display "DaysLeft">><<set $gfood = 0>><<set $gparts = 0>><<set $gartefacts = 0>><<set $gmedicine = 0>>\nYou have <<print $sstorage>> to fit food, spare parts, medicine and cultural artefacts. You (and all other similar craft) are carrying data storage containing as much downloaded material, scanned books and various plans and manuals as the boffins, politicos and your school librarian could get into stable storage. Due to the wonders of technology this has been engraved into the bulkheads and hull of SpaceBoat.\nFood is obvious: humans need this and the more you have, the longer you can spend in space.\nSpare parts are for running repairs on SpaceBoat but can be converted to useful supplies when SpaceBoat lands.\nMedicines assist in maintaining the health of your passengers and crew.\nEvery refugee boat is being offered as many important cultural artefacts as they can carry. Apparently these are important for the preservation of human culture<<randomp 40 " but, let's be honest, with earth gone these things will become valuable tradable goods">>. <<randomp 30 "May attract pirates.">>\n\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>\n\n<<else>>\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOne">>\n<<endif>>
<<set $gfood = $gfood - 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $shull = $shull + 10>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
!!God Does Not Play Dice\n<<set $pasvary = 200>>As soon as word of the lottery hits government ears you are instructed to restrict entrants to just the people on the government long lists. This is somewhat of a blessing because it ensures at least a minimum amount of competency. The crowd seems calmly accepting of the process, but you feel this could be just the calm before the storm.\n\n<<display "p1LoadGetEnforcers">>
Change load out?\n[Hull...: <<if $shull eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $shull>><<endif>>] <<if $shull gte 100>><<choice "p1HullDownH" "-100">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $shull gte 10>><<choice "p1HullDown" "-10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage gte 10>><<choice "p1HullUp" "+10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage gte 100>><<choice "p1HullUpH" "+100">><<else>>....<<endif>>\n[Shield.: <<if $sshield eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $sshield>><<endif>>] <<if $sshield gte 100>><<choice "p1ShieldDownH" "-100">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sshield gte 10>><<choice "p1ShieldDown" "-10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage gte 10>><<choice "p1ShieldUp" "+10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage gte 100>><<choice "p1ShieldUpH" "+100">><<else>>....<<endif>>\n[Storage: <<if $sstorage eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $sstorage>><<endif>>]\n\n<<choice "p1GetHullDone" "Done">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 1>><<set $psculture = $psculture - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
Life Support is <<print $slifesupport>>. You have <<print $ssize - $sengines - $slifesupport>> tons left to fit hull hardening, shields and storage.\n\n<<if $countdown gte 4 and $ssize - $sengines - $slifesupport gte 25>>\n!!Tough Nut to Crack\n<<display "DaysLeft">><<set $shull = 0>><<set $sshield = 0>><<set $sstorage = $ssize - $sengines - $slifesupport>>\nAdding extra hull panels and bulkheads make the ship able to withstand more of the rigourous of space travel. Hull hardening makes it harder for atmosphere to get out and space bodies to get in (or through). The panels are heavy but don't require a power source. This panel density makes the ship easier to track.\nShields provide even greater protection against detection, radiation and energy weapons however they require large amounts of power to run.\nFinally, storage space is necessary to carry extras such as food, spare parts, medicine and cultural artefacts.\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>\n\n<<else>>\n<<if $ssize - $sengines - $slifesupport lt 25>>\n<<display "NoRoomLeft">>\n<<else>>\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOne">>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
At first just one contestant is found dead in the changing rooms, then another, then another. As the body count piles up several protestants are arrested but still the killing continues. You have lost some of your strongest and most cultured contestants.\n<<silently>>\n<<set $pasvary = $pasvary + 15>>\n<<set $psscience = $psscience + 5>>\n<<set $psmedical = $psmedical + 5>>\n<<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity - 5>>\n<<set $psculture = $psculture - 5>>\n<<if $pssecurity lt 0>><<set $psscience = $psscience + $pssecurity>><<set $pssecurity = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $psculture lt 0>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical + $psculture>><<set $psculture = 0>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n<<display "p1LoadGetEnforcers">>
<<set $gmedicine = $gmedicine - 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $cp = $cp - 10>><<set $paadults = $paadults + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $paself = 0>><<set $cp = $cp + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 5>><<set $psleader = $psleader + 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
!!Unfit for Command\nYou are forced to step down as Captain of SpaceBoat. <<randomp 25 "You are placed into prison awaiting a trial that will never come. You don't even get to live your last days free." 25 "Your lawyer gets you a reinstatment hearing but it is scheduled too late to be of use." 25 "As you leave the negotiations the angry mob sets upon you and tears you limb from limb. Your only comfort is that your murderers will soon burn in hell." 25 "The mob ties you to a stake and forces you to watch SpaceBoat being completed by more competent hands. You are incinerated in the rocket blast as SpaceBoat launches for the stars.">> <<if $hasdog eq 1 and $padog eq 1>>You wish your dog was with you at the end. Maybe he found happiness but that seems unlikely given this city's "casual violence" policy towards strays. You failed him.<<endif>>\n\n<<display "GameOverTryAgain">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 5>><<set $psscience = $psscience - 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
!!Human Cannonballs\nThe launch is relatively uneventful<<randomp 60 " compared to the fatal launch failures of other refugees boats">>.\n\n<<choice "p1SleepyTime" "Ready for Stasispension">>
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<<set $gparts = $gparts - 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<silently>>\n<<if $pasvary gt 0>><<set $pasquality = 1.0 / Math.sqrt( $pasvary / 5.0 )>><<else>><<set $pasquality = 1.0 - Math.sqrt(Math.random() / 2)>><<endif>>\n<<set $pasquality = Math.floor(80 + Math.floor( $pasquality * 100 ))>>\n\n<<if $paelders gt 0>><<set $pasquality = $pasquality * ( 1 + ( $paelders / ($pachildren + $paadults + $paelders) ) )>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $pasvary gt 0>><<set $cp = $pasvary>><<display "p1VariabilityLoop">><<endif>>\n\n<<if $paadults gt 0>>\n<<if $psleader gt 0>><<set $pmleader = Math.round( $paadults * ( $psleader / 100 ) )>><<else>><<set $pmleader = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $pssecurity gt 0>><<set $pmsecurity = Math.round( $paadults * ( $pssecurity / 100 ) )>><<else>><<set $pmsecurity = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $psmedical gt 0>><<set $pmmedical = Math.round( $paadults * ( $psmedical / 100 ) )>><<else>><<set $pmmedical = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $pstechnical gt 0>><<set $pmtechnical = Math.round( $paadults * ( $pstechnical / 100 ) )>><<else>><<set $pmtechnical = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $psculture gt 0>><<set $pmculture = Math.round( $paadults * ( $psculture / 100 ) )>><<else>><<set $pmculture = 0>><<endif>>\n<<set $pmscience = $paadults - $pmleader - $pmsecurity - $pmmedical - $pmtechnical - $pmculture>>\n<<display "p1OverloadLoop">>\n\n<<else>>\n\n<<set $pmleader = 0>><<set $pmsecurity = 0>><<set $pmmedical = 0>><<set $pmtechnical = 0>><<set $pmculture = 0>><<set $pmscience = 0>>\n\n<<endif>><<endsilently>>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 1>><<set $pstechnical = $pstechnical - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp = $cp - 10>><<set $paelders = $paelders + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<randomp 50 "You are the guest of honour at the launch party for SpaceBoat." 999 "You are allowed to select the child to make the final countdown.">>\nAs people toast your selflessness you drink yourself into stupor and are not awake when your body is burned to a crisp when the destroyer fleet attacks the earth. Not a bad way to go. <<randomp 20 "What you'll never know is that SpaceBoat malfunctioned just past Mars with the loss of all on board." passage 20 "GameOverLeftBehindSpaceBoatDestroyed">>\n\n<<display "GameOverTryAgain">>
<<set $gfood = $gfood + 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $sshield = $sshield + 100>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage - 100>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
<<set $gartefacts = $gartefacts - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
SpaceBoat engines are <<print $sengines>> tons.\n\n<<if $countdown gte 4 and $ssize - $sengines gte 25>>\n!!A Matter of Life or Left Behind\n<<display "DaysLeft">>\nEvery person you take requires five tons of outdated and bulky prefab life support systems. The newer/lighter models have been commandeered for other space craft<<randomp 40 " and you simply do not have the time to construct more space efficient models">>. Geneticists have guestimated that about 60 non-related fertile humans are needed to bootstrap the human race. <<randomp 60 "A few extra people allows for causalties.">>\n\n<<display "p1GetLifeSupportChoices">>\n\n<<else>>\n<<if $ssize - $sengines lt 25>>\n<<display "NoRoomLeft">>\n<<else>>\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOne">>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 1>><<set $psleader = $psleader - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $shull = $shull - 100>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage + 100>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
As soon as the list is announced the crowd outside the launchpad changes. Some collapse in despair, others threaten to storm the launchpad, others cheer for the lucky few. The situation appears to be getting out of hand until the government bring in riot police to clear the crowds.\n\n<<if Math.random() lte 0.4>><<display "p1LoadRiot">><<else>><<display "p1LoadPeopleDo">><<endif>>
<<if $sstorage lt 10>>You must have at least some space for storage. Try again.\n\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>\n<<else>>\n<<display "p1GetStores">>\n<<endif>>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 1>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 5>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical - 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 1>><<set $psleader = $psleader + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 1>><<set $psscience = $psscience + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $gfood = $gfood - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $sengines = Math.floor($ssize * 0.50)>><<set $countdown = $countdown - (0 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.50) / 75))>><<display "p1GetLifeSupport">>
<<set $sengines = Math.floor($ssize * 0.30)>><<set $countdown = $countdown - (1 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.30) / 60))>><<display "p1GetLifeSupport">>
<<set $sengines = Math.floor($ssize * 0.80)>><<set $countdown = $countdown - (-1 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.80) / 90))>><<display "p1GetLifeSupport">>
<<set $sengines = Math.floor($ssize * 0.10)>><<set $countdown = $countdown - (4 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.10) / 40))>><<display "p1GetLifeSupport">>
<<set $sengines = Math.floor($ssize * 0.20)>><<set $countdown = $countdown - (2 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.20) / 50))>><<display "p1GetLifeSupport">>
<<set $padog = 1>><<set $cp = $cp - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 1>><<set $psculture = $psculture + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp = $cp - 1>><<set $paadults = $paadults + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 5>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical + 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $shull = $shull + 100>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage - 100>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
<<set $pasvary = $pasvary + 100>>Maybe it is the boredom at watching endless math tests but the spectators start showing their displeasure. At first it is via booing, then by throwing things. Within minutes the crowd rushes the contest grounds wantonly killing contestants. <<if Math.random() lte 0.30>>\nThe rioting spectators surge into your quarters and seize you. For you numerous failings you are subjected to a mock trial.\n\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOneReplaced">>\n<<else>>\nEventually the <<randomp 30 "riot fizzles out" 999 "rioting spectators are brought under control">>.\n\n<<display "p1LoadGetEnforcers">>\n<<endif>>
<<if $countdown gte 10>>!!Perfectly Sized\n<<display "DaysLeft">>\nLarger boats take longer to construct but can fit more engines, people and supplies. The longer you delay launch the less likely your survival. After this you still have to build engines, life support, shields, gather supplies and personnel.\n\n<<display "p1GetSizeChoices">>\n\n<<else>><<display "GameOverLostChapterOne">><<endif>>
Too bad that SpaceBoat was <<randomp 50 "attacked" 50 "boarded">> by <<randomp 20 "destroyer fleet scouts" 20 "saboteurs" 20 "bounty hunters" 20 "Earth's old allies looking to curry favour" 10 "bandits" 999 "slavers">> with the loss of all on board.
<<if $pmculture gt 0>><<set $pmculture = $pmculture - 1>><<endif>>
In order to save dog some pain, you have him put to sleep. At least you could be with him in his last moments alive<<randomp 50 " but it stills feels like you failed him">>.<<set $hasdog = 0>>
!!Human Rites\nAfter a brief ceremony you are finally counting down to launch. Social order is breaking down so you are encouraged to leave quickly. \n\n<<choice "p1LaunchGo" "Launch">>: Time to go. Goodbye <<if $hasdog eq 1 and $padog eq 0>>dog<<else>>Earth<<endif>>.
NASA has recalculated that the destroyer fleet will arrive later than expected.<html> </html><<set $countdown = $countdown + Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1>>
<<set $cp = $cp + 10>><<set $paadults = $paadults - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
Some of the protestants storm the contest grounds and start killing contestants. It takes some time before the violence is quelled and many of the less physically capable contestants now lie dead.<<silently>>\n<<set $pasvary = $pasvary + 10>>\n<<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity + 10>>\n<<set $psculture = $psculture - 5>>\n<<set $psscience = $psscience - 5>>\n<<if $psculture lt 0>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity + $psculture>><<set $psculture = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $psscience lt 0>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity + $psscience>><<set $psscience = 0>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\n<<display "p1LoadGetEnforcers">>
<<set $cp = $cp + 1>><<set $paelders = $paelders - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
Maybe you are being selfless or maybe you just sense the futility of the refugee project. The <<randomp 25 "people" 25 "masses" 999 "government">> don't take to kindly to you offering to stay behind. Has the destroyer fleet offered you safe passage if you sabotage SpaceBoat and provide intel on the refugee project? Have you discovered a flaw in the life support systems that will doom the passengers to a painful death? Did you sell your place to an unsavoury person? So many doubts.\n\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOneReplaced">>
<<if $ssize - $sengines gte 300>>\n<<set $slifesupport = 300>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 12>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>\n<<else>><<display "p1LifeSupportNotFit">><<endif>>
Sensing the potential for trouble when the list is announced you ask the government to provide riot police. <<if Math.random() lte 0.5>>\nSince you snubbed the government list you are required to submit to some ritualistic bureaucratic punishment but eventually the government agree to have the riot police on standby.\n\n<<display "p1LoadGovtEnforcers">>\n<<else>>\nEven after submitting to the usual ritualistic bureaucratic punishments expected for snubbing the official lists the government still refuses to provide riot police. You are forced to take on <<randomp 25 "expensive private contractors" 25 "followers of a shadowy religion" 25 "gang enforcers" 999 "volunteers">> to enforce security at the list announcement. You hastily negotiate providing a few spaces aboard SpaceBoat as payment for their services. Thankfully the people they provide at least have some useful skills.<<set $pasvary = $pasvary + 10>>\nThe moment the list is announced the crowd begins to darken. Your enforcers brace themselves for the worst and attempt to disperse the crowds.\n\n<<if Math.random() lte 0.55>><<display "p1LoadRiot">><<else>><<display "p1LoadPeopleDo">><<endif>>\n<<endif>>
<<set $slifesupport = 25>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 2>><<set $hasdog = 1>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>
<<if $ssize - $sengines gte 3000>>\n<<set $slifesupport = 3000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 45>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>\n<<else>><<display "p1LifeSupportNotFit">><<endif>>
<<if $ssize - $sengines gte 2000>>\n<<set $slifesupport = 2000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 40>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>\n<<else>><<display "p1LifeSupportNotFit">><<endif>>
<<if $ssize - $sengines gte 1000>>\n<<set $slifesupport = 1000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 30>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>\n<<else>><<display "p1LifeSupportNotFit">><<endif>>
<<if $ssize - $sengines gte 500>>\n<<set $slifesupport = 500>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 22>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>\n<<else>><<display "p1LifeSupportNotFit">><<endif>>
<<set $cp = $cp - 10>><<set $pachildren = $pachildren + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
!Preface\nv0.1\n\nWould you like instructions?\n<<choice "Instructions" "Yes">> | <<choice "GameStart" "No">>
How large would you like to make your SpaceBoat?\n* <<choice "p1GetSizeA" "1,000 tons - A craft for a man, his dog and a few friends">> (10 days)\n* <<choice "p1GetSizeB" "2,000 tons - Compact for a quick (safe) exit">> (18 days)\n* <<choice "p1GetSizeC" "3,000 tons - Just how many do you expect to save?">> (26 days)\n* <<choice "p1GetSizeD" "4,000 tons - It's not a sports car">> (34 days)\n* <<choice "p1GetSizeE" "5,000 tons - Is this an escape or an invasion?">> (42 days)
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 5>><<set $psculture = $psculture + 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp = $cp - 1>><<set $paelders = $paelders + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
Emmanuel King Turner, Dec 2012\n
<<set $shull = $shull - 10>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
<<set $ssize = 5000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 42>><<display "p1CheckSize">>
!!!Allocate Population and Skills\nPopulation\n[You........: <<if $paself eq 0>>No<<else>>Yes<<endif>>] <<if $cp gt 0 and $paself eq 0>><<choice "p1GetSelfYes" "Yes">><<else>><<choice "p1GetSelfNo" "No">><<endif>><<if $hasdog eq 1>>\n<html><br /></html>[Dog........: <<if $padog eq 0>>No<<else>>Yes<<endif>>] <<if $cp gt 0>><<if $padog eq 0>><<choice "p1GetDogYes" "Yes">><<else>><<choice "p1GetDogNo" "No">><<endif>><<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n[Children...: <<if $pachildren eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pachildren>><<endif>>] <<if $pachildren gte 10>><<choice "p1ChildrenDownT" "-10">><<else>>...<<endif>> | <<if $pachildren gte 1>><<choice "p1ChildrenDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp gte 1>><<choice "p1ChildrenUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp gte 10>><<choice "p1ChildrenUpT" "+10">><<else>>...<<endif>>\n[Adults.....: <<if $paadults eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $paadults>><<endif>>] <<if $paadults gte 10>><<choice "p1AdultsDownT" "-10">><<else>>...<<endif>> | <<if $paadults gte 1>><<choice "p1AdultsDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp gte 1>><<choice "p1AdultsUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp gte 10>><<choice "p1AdultsUpT" "+10">><<else>>...<<endif>>\n[Elders.....: <<if $paelders eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $paelders>><<endif>>] <<if $paelders gte 10>><<choice "p1EldersDownT" "-10">><<else>>...<<endif>> | <<if $paelders gte 1>><<choice "p1EldersDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp gte 1>><<choice "p1EldersUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp gte 10>><<choice "p1EldersUpT" "+10">><<else>>...<<endif>>\n.Places left: <<if $cp eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $cp>><<endif>>\n\nSkills (%age)\n[Leadership.: <<if $psleader eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $psleader>><<endif>>] <<if $psleader gte 5>><<choice "p1LeaderDownF" "-5">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $psleader gte 1>><<choice "p1LeaderDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 1>><<choice "p1LeaderUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 5>><<choice "p1LeaderUpF" "+5">><<else>>..<<endif>>\n[Security...: <<if $pssecurity eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pssecurity>><<endif>>] <<if $pssecurity gte 5>><<choice "p1SecurityDownF" "-5">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $pssecurity gte 1>><<choice "p1SecurityDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 1>><<choice "p1SecurityUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 5>><<choice "p1SecurityUpF" "+5">><<else>>..<<endif>> \n[Medical....: <<if $psmedical eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $psmedical>><<endif>>] <<if $psmedical gte 5>><<choice "p1MedicalDownF" "-5">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $psmedical gte 1>><<choice "p1MedicalDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 1>><<choice "p1MedicalUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 5>><<choice "p1MedicalUpF" "+5">><<else>>..<<endif>>\n[Technical..: <<if $pstechnical eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pstechnical>><<endif>>] <<if $pstechnical gte 5>><<choice "p1TechnicalDownF" "-5">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $pstechnical gte 1>><<choice "p1TechnicalDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 1>><<choice "p1TechnicalUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 5>><<choice "p1TechnicalUpF" "+5">><<else>>..<<endif>>\n[Culture....: <<if $psculture eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $psculture>><<endif>>] <<if $psculture gte 5>><<choice "p1CultureDownF" "-5">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $psculture gte 1>><<choice "p1CultureDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 1>><<choice "p1CultureUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 5>><<choice "p1CultureUpF" "+5">><<else>>..<<endif>>\n[Science....: <<if $psscience eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $psscience>><<endif>>] <<if $psscience gte 5>><<choice "p1ScienceDownF" "-5">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $psscience gte 1>><<choice "p1ScienceDown" "-1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 1>><<choice "p1ScienceUp" "+1">><<else>>..<<endif>> | <<if $cp1 gte 5>><<choice "p1ScienceUpF" "+5">><<else>>..<<endif>>\n.Unallocated: <<if $cp1 eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $cp1>><<endif>>\n\n<<choice "p1GetPeopleDone" "Done">>
<<set $cp = $cp - 1>>\n<<randomp passage 13 "p1Variability1" passage 13 "p1Variability2" passage 13 "p1Variability3" passage 13 "p1Variability4" passage 13 "p1Variability5" passage 13 "p1Variability6">>\n<<endsilently>><<if $cp gt 0>><<display "p1VariabilityLoop">><<endif>>
.passage .title { display:none; }\nbody { background-color: #000; color: #6f3; font-family: monospace; }\n#content2, .passage, #passages, h1, h2, h3 { background-color: #030; color: #6f3; font-family: monospace; }\n#content2 { padding: 1em 2.5em; }\n#passages { padding-bottom: 5em; }\n.passage { font-size: 12px; line-height: 17px; }\na.internalLink, a.externalLink, .disabled { color: #6f0; }\n.disabled { font-style: normal; }\n#footer { position: fixed; bottom: 1em; right: 1em; width: 15em; background-color: #000; text-align: left; color: #060; }\nh1 { text-align: left; font-size: 28px; line-height: 34px; }\nh2 { text-align: left; font-size: 17px; line-height: 17px; font-style: normal; font-weight: bold; }\nh3 { text-align: left; font-size: 14px; line-height: 17px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; }\n#storyTitle { display: block; text-align: center; font-size: 34px; line-height: 34px; }
<<set $ssize = 2000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 18>><<display "p1CheckSize">>
<<set $gmedicine = $gmedicine - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 5>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity - 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<display "RealStart">>
<<set $cp = $cp + 10>><<set $pachildren = $pachildren - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp = $cp + 1>><<set $pachildren = $pachildren - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $gmedicine = $gmedicine + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<if $pstechnical gt 0>><<set $pstechnical = $pstechnical - 1>><<set $psculture = $psculture + 1>><<endif>>
try { macros['randomp'] = { \n\n handler: function(place,macroName,params,parser) {\n var state = 0;\n var passageflag = false;\n var chance = 100;\n var r = Math.random() * 100;\n \n for(var i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {\n switch(state) {\n case 0:\n if(params[i] == 'passage') {\n passageflag = true;\n state = 1;\n break;\n }\n //No break !!! fall through if keyword 'passage' is not used\n \n case 1:\n chance -= params[i];\n state = 2;\n break;\n \n case 2:\n if(r >= chance) {\n if(passageflag) macros.display.handler(place,macroName,[ params[i] ]); \n else new Wikifier(place, params[i]);\n return;\n }\n state = 0;\n break;\n }\n }\n },\n\n init: function() { }\n \n};} catch(e) { \n throwError(place,"Macro Randomp Error: "+e.message); \n}
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 1>><<set $pstechnical = $pstechnical + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $ssize = 4000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 34>><<display "p1CheckSize">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 5>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity + 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 1>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $ssize = 3000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 26>><<display "p1CheckSize">>
<<set $ssize = 1000>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 10>><<set $hasdog = 1>><<display "p1CheckSize">>
<<set $gfood = $gfood + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
!!The Social Contract\n<<set $pasvary = 50>><<display "p1LoadGovtEnforcers">>
<<set $gparts = $gparts + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
!!The End of Days\nYou are running out of time so frantically rush to get SpaceBoat operational. When the destroyer fleets arrives <<randomp 25 "you are shoved aside as a panicked crowd swarms your vessel" 25 "you attempt to power up SpaceBoat but it fails" 25 "you desperately powerup SpaceBoat for launch but the destroyer fleet attacks the launchpad" 999 "you get SpaceBoat airborne but it is taken in the blast that destroys the planet">>. You<<randomp 20 "r final thoughts are a sense of relief" 20 " wonder if any other SpaceBoats made it" 20 " think about your family" 20 " curse the politicians that dragged humankind into the Great Galactic War" 999 "r final thoughts are meaningless and forgotten">>.\n<<if $hasdog eq 1>>\n<<randomp 25 "In your haste to leave you forget your dog. He never forgives your betrayal." 25 "Sensing your stress but not knowing why your dog remains by your side until you kick him aside in your haste to leave." 25 "Tiring of your dog getting under your feet you scold him. He bears the full brunt of your frustrations and goes to hide." 999 "On the last day you leave dog locked in your sleeping quarters. He knows something is wrong. ">> Alone, dog pathetically spends his last moments wondering what he did to offend the master he so loyally followed.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<display "GameOverTryAgain">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 1>><<set $psscience = $psscience - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<if $ssize - $sengines gte 150>>\n<<set $slifesupport = 150>><<set $countdown = $countdown - 7>><<display "p1CheckLifeSupport">>\n<<else>><<display "p1LifeSupportNotFit">><<endif>>
You do not have enough room left on SpaceBoat to make an operational space craft. It takes three days to remove everything and start again.<<set $countdown = $coundown - 3>>\n\n<<display "p1GetEngines">>
One of your enforcers has taken to shooting anybody who approaches the barriers without warning. There are rumours that he flips a coin every hour; tails and a random person in the crowd is shot. After he shoots a pregnant woman you confront him.\n"Why the heck does it matter? They'll die in more horrible ways soon enough."\nYou lack the authority to have him replaced. Well, the crowd has been unusually well behaved since he took up guard duty.
<<silently>>\n<<set $chapter = 1>>\n<<set $countdown = 100>>\n<<set $ssize = 10>>\n<<set $sengines = 1>><<set $slifesupport = 200>><<set $sstorage = 1>><<set $shull = 100>><<set $sshield = 0>><<set $gfood = 1000>><<set $gmedicine = 1>><<set $gparts = 0>><<set $gartefacts = 0>>\n<<set $padog = 0>><<set $pachildren = 0>><<set $paadults = 0>><<set $paelders = 0>>\n<<set $pmleader = 0>><<set $pmsecurity = 0>><<set $pmmedical = 0>><<set $pmtechnical = 0>><<set $pmculture = 0>><<set $pmscience = 0>>\n<<set $pasquality = 0>>\n\n<<if Math.random() lt 0.2>><<set $hasdog = 1>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<set $pmculture = $pmculture + 1>>
<<set $pmtechnical = $pmtechnical + 1>>
<<set $pmscience = $pmscience + 1>>
!!Some Aboard\nIn the remaining <<if $countdown eq 1>>day<<else>><<print $countdown>> days<<endif>> you attempt to find the perfect passengers for SpaceBoat. In typical fashion the government computers have a taken a random attitude to your wishes.<<randomp 60 " Perhaps this is due to the conflicting political beliefs within the programming team. Facing doom has a polarising effect and some people have become fanatics.">> Do you take the list or... ?\n\n* <<choice "p1LoadTakeGovtList" "Take the Government's final list">>: It's only fair and you don't want to be accused of playing favourites.\n* <<choice "p1LoadTakeGovtShortList" "Select from the Government's Top Ten Thousand list">>: It'll cost you a few days to make final selections but you'll get a passenger set the better matches your vision.\n* <<choice "p1LoadTakeContest" "Hold a competition for seats">>: You'll be able to pick the smartest, proudest physical specimens.\n* <<choice "p1LoadHoldLottery" "Hold a lottery to fill the passenger list according to your wishes">>: Smarts and physical prowess matter nothing in the cold reaches of space. We need dumb luck.
After negotiations lasting several days you are allowed to continue building SpaceBoat but you must add more Life Support.<<set $countdown = $countdown - Math.floor(Math.random() * 4) + 6>>\n\n<<display "p1GetLifeSupportChoices">>
<<set $pmmedical = $pmmedical + 1>>
<<set $pmsecurity = $pmsecurity + 1>>
!!More Equal\n<<silently>>\n<<set $cp = ($slifesupport / 5) - 1>>\n<<set $paself = 1>>\n<<set $padog = 0>>\n<<set $pachildren = Math.floor($cp / 4)>>\n<<set $paadults = Math.floor($cp / 2)>>\n<<set $paelders = Math.floor($cp / 4)>>\n<<if $cp gt $pachildren + $paadults + $paelders>><<set $paadults = $paadults + ( $cp - $pachildren - $paadults - $paelders )>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $cp1 = 0>>\n<<set $psleader = Math.floor(Math.random() * 11) + 10>>\n<<set $pssecurity = Math.floor(Math.random() * 11) + 10>>\n<<set $psmedical = Math.floor(Math.random() * 11) + 10>>\n<<set $pstechnical = Math.floor(Math.random() * 11) + 10>>\n<<set $psculture = Math.floor(Math.random() * 11) + 10>>\n<<set $psscience = 100 - $psleader - $pssecurity - $psmedical - $pstechnical - $psculture>>\n<<endsilently>>Now that stores are onboard, it is time to load in some people. There is room for <<print $cp>> people including yourself. As Captain you are allowed to determine a loading policy and a government computer will select the<<randomp 25 " lucky">> refugees to give <<randomp 35 "a" 40 "an approximate" 999 "the best">> balance of gender, genetic diversity and skills. <<randomp 67 "Guaranteed corruption free!">>\nHumans would prefer to travel with family<<randomp 60 " so you might attract higher qualified candidates if you allow some children and elders">>. Older people might carry vital knowledge of culture and technology<<randomp 60 " but are past child bearing age">>. Taking some children will avoid an age bubble in the refugee population. <<randomp 25 "No pets allowed.">>\nConsider the mix of skills you will require for both the journey and rebuilding civilisation<<randomp 30 " once a new home is found">>.<<set $cp = $cp - $pachildren - $paadults - $paelders>>\n\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $gparts = $gparts + 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $sengines = Math.floor($ssize * 0.15)>><<set $countdown = $countdown - (3 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.15) / 45))>><<display "p1GetLifeSupport">>
<<randomp passage 10 "EnemyComesSooner" passage 3 "EnemyComesLater">>There are <<if $countdown eq 1>>1 day<<else>><<print $countdown>> days <<endif>> until the fleet arrives to destroy Earth.
<<if $pmsecurity gt 0>><<set $pmsecurity = $pmsecurity - 1>><<endif>>
<<if $pmmedical gt 0>><<set $pmmedical = $pmmedical - 1>><<endif>>
<<if $pmleader gt 0>><<set $pmleader = $pmleader - 1>><<endif>>
<<if $pmscience gt 0>><<set $pmscience = $pmscience - 1>><<endif>>
<<if $pmtechnical gt 0>><<set $pmtechnical = $pmtechnical - 1>><<endif>>
Would you like to try again on a new Earth with a new SpaceBoat?\n<<choice "GameStart" "Yes">> | <<choice "GameOver" "No">>
<<set $sshield = $sshield - 10>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
<<set $cp = $pmleader + $pmsecurity + $pmmedical + $pmtechnical + $pmculture + $pmscience>>\n<<if $cp neq $paadults>>\n<<if $cp lt $paadults>>\n<<randomp passage 15 "p1OverloadUp1" passage 15 "p1OverloadUp2" passage 15 "p1OverloadUp3" passage 15 "p1OverloadUp4" passage 15 "p1OverloadUp5" passage 15 "p1OverloadUp6">>\n<<else>>\n<<randomp passage 15 "p1OverloadDown1" passage 15 "p1OverloadDown2" passage 15 "p1OverloadDown3" passage 15 "p1OverloadDown4" passage 15 "p1OverloadDown5" passage 15 "p1OverloadDown6">>\n<<endif>><<display "p1OverloadLoop">><<endif>>
<<if $psleader gt 0>><<set $psleader = $psleader - 1>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity + 1>><<endif>>
<<if $psmedical gt 0>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical - 1>><<set $pstechnical = $pstechnical + 1>><<endif>>
<<if $pssecurity gt 0>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity - 1>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical + 1>><<endif>>
<<if $psculture gt 0>><<set $psculture = $psculture - 1>><<set $psscience = $psscience + 1>><<endif>>
Finally the crowd accepts the list and disperses allowing the loading procedures to begin. <<randomp passage 30 "p1RogueEnforcer">><<display "p1CalculateManifest">>\n\n<<choice "p1PassengerMaifest" "Begin loading">>
<<display "p1GetPeople">>
<<if $psscience gt 0>><<set $psscience = $psscience - 1>><<set $psleader = $psleader + 1>><<endif>>
<<set $gartefacts = $gartefacts + 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 5>><<set $psculture = $psculture - 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<randomp passage 30 "p1ContestDeathsStorm" passage 30 "p1ContestDeathsAssasinations" passage 999 "p1ContestSpectatorRiot">>
<<display "p1InitVars">>\n\n!Chapter One: Babel's Ark\nBuild SpaceBoat and get outta Dodge.\n\n<<display "p1GetSize">>\n/% <<display "p1PrepForLaunch">> %/
Checking the life support system for bugs and vermin. <<silently>><<print ($slifesupport + $sengines) / ($ssize + $sengines)>><<endsilently>><<if $slifesupport / ($ssize - $sengines) lt Math.random() / 2>>\nWhen the masses gathered around the launch site realise that you're putting in so little life support they <<randomp 20 "blockade the launchsite" 20 "storm the launch site causing irreperable damage" 20 "call important people to put pressure on you" 20 "kidnap your loved ones and torture them" 20 "start murdering your workers">>. Work ceases until you agree to negotiate.\n\n<<randomp passage 45 "p1LifeSupportRechoose" passage 20 "p1LifeSupportLowResume" passage 999 "GameOverLostChapterOneReplaced">>\n<<else>>CLEAR.\n\n<<display "p1GetHull">>\n<<endif>>
After tense negotiations <<randomp 30 "involving powerful politcal allies" 30 "involving the liberal application of force by your shady connections">> you are able to continue with your original plans. The negotiations cost you a few days<<randomp 30 " of precious time">>.<<set $countdown = $countdown - Math.floor(Math.random() * 3) + 2>>\n\n<<display "p1GetHull">>
<<set $sshield = $sshield - 100>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage + 100>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
<<set $lc1 = "999001,R," + $countdown + ",R," + $ssize + "," + $sengines + "," + $slifesupport + "," + $sstorage + "," + $shull + "," + $sshield + ",R," + $gfood + "," + $gmedicine + "," + $gparts + "," + $gartefacts + ",R," + $padog + "," + $pachildren + "," + $paadults + "," + $paelders + ",R," + $pmleader + "," + $pmsecurity + "," + $pmmedical + "," + $pmtechnical + "," + $pmculture + "," + $pmscience + ",R," + Math.floor( $pasquality ) + ",R012345627">><<elc>>
<<if $countdown gte 4>>\n!!Engines\n<<display "DaysLeft">>\nYour engineers have calculated that escaping Earth's gravity will take a minimum of <<print $ssize / 10>> tons of engines. More engine tonnage increases speed but leaves less room for other things.\n\nWhat percentage of tonnage should be for engines?\n* <<choice "p1GetEnginesA" "10% of tonnage">> (<<print Math.floor($ssize * 0.10)>> of <<print $ssize>> tons, <<print 4 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.10) / 40)>> days)\n* <<choice "p1GetEnginesB" "15% of tonnage">> (<<print Math.floor($ssize * 0.15)>> of <<print $ssize>> tons, <<print 3 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.15) / 45)>> days)\n* <<choice "p1GetEnginesC" "20% of tonnage">> (<<print Math.floor($ssize * 0.20)>> of <<print $ssize>> tons, <<print 2 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.20) / 50)>> days)\n* <<choice "p1GetEnginesD" "30% of tonnage">> (<<print Math.floor($ssize * 0.30)>> of <<print $ssize>> tons, <<print 1 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.30) / 60)>> days)\n* <<choice "p1GetEnginesE" "50% of tonnage">> (<<print Math.floor($ssize * 0.50)>> of <<print $ssize>> tons, <<print 0 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.50) / 75)>> days)\n* <<choice "p1GetEnginesF" "80% of tonnage">> (<<print Math.floor($ssize * 0.80)>> of <<print $ssize>> tons, <<print -1 + Math.floor(($ssize * 0.80) / 90)>> days)\n\n<<else>><<display "GameOverLostChapterOne">><<endif>>
<html><br></html>\n!!Passenger Manifest\nYou barely have time to think while you load passengers onboard and supervise the stasispension procedures. It is only when loading is complete that you have time to review the passenger manifest. <<randomp 60 "Well, there are so many other refugee boats that you were unlikely to get Einstein. ">>This lot will have to do.\nYou......: Yes<<if $hasdog eq 1 and $padog eq 1>><html><br></html>Dog......: Yes<<endif>>\nChildren.: <<if $pachildren eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pachildren>><<endif>>\nAdults...: <<if $paadults eq 0>>1<<else>><<print $paadults>><<endif>>\nElders...: <<if $paelders eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $paelders>><<endif>>\n\nLeaders..: <<if $pmleader eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pmleader>><<endif>>\nSecurity.: <<if $pmsecurity eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pmsecurity>><<endif>>\nMedical..: <<if $pmmedical eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pmmedical>><<endif>>\nTechnical: <<if $pmtechnical eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pmtechnical>><<endif>>\nCulture..: <<if $pmculture eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pmculture>><<endif>>\nScience..: <<if $pmscience eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $pmscience>><<endif>>\n\nAvg. IQ..: <<print Math.floor( $pasquality )>>\n\n<<choice "p1PrepForLaunch" "Launch">>
<<set $gmedicine = $gmedicine + 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
<<set $padog = 0>><<set $cp = $cp + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $gartefacts = $gartefacts - 100>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
You figure SpaceBoat can almost fly itself so you decide to stay behind<<randomp 30 " to spend time with your family" 30 " to let somebody more qualified take your place">>.\n\n<<display "GameOverLeftBehind">>
!!We Can Do Better\n<<set $countdown = $countdown - 2>>You<<randomp 60 " and your team">> pour over the short list. It takes two days <<if $countdown gte 25>><<set $pasvary = 3>>but you finally have a near perfect list<<else>><<set $pasvary = ( 75 - $countdown )>>and you realise that the government list was probably better. Too late now<<randomp 40 ", it won't do for a Captain to go back on their word">><<endif>>. So many good people will be left behind but you save the ones you can. \n<<display "p1LoadGovtEnforcers">>
<<set $cp = $cp + 10>><<set $paelders = $paelders - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
Humanity fought on the losing side in The Great Galactic War. As part of the surrender agreement three coalition planets will be destroyed along with all inhabitants. Earth was chosen in a rigged random selection. Not willing to accept this fate, many earthlings construct refugee boats and will attempt to flee. They will be hunted and aboard less than space worthy vessels as they try to find homes wherever they can.\nYou are the Captain of SpaceBoat. Build your boat, gather people and lead them to a new home.\n\n<<display "GameStart">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 5>><<set $psscience = $psscience + 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
try {\n macros['elc'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) {\n var lc = state.history[0].variables.lc1;\n var r = ''; var scrc = 0;\n for(var i = 0; i < lc.length; i++) {\n if(!isNaN(lc.charAt(i))) {\n r += this.codevars[lc.charAt(i)];\n scrc += parseInt(lc.charAt(i));\n } else if(lc.charAt(i) == ',') {\n r += this.codevars[10];\n scrc += 10;\n } else if(lc.charAt(i) == 'R') {\n r += this.codevars[scrc % 10];\n scrc += scrc % 10;\n }\n if(i % 4 == 0 && i > 0) r += ' ';\n }\n while(r.length % 5 != 0) r += this.codevars[10];\n new Wikifier(place, r);\n },\n init: function() { },\n codevars: ['S', 'P', 'A', 'C', 'E', 'B', 'O', 'T', 'B', 'L', 'R'], \n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"Macro encodelaunchcode Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 1>><<set $psmedical = $psmedical - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
The SpaceBoat hull lacks the space for so much life support.<<randomp 15 " Your workers look confused." 10 " The workers doubt your competence to lead." 20 " This might be amusing except for the DESTROYER FLEET that's coming. Shape up!" 20 " You must've obtained your Space Captain ticket on sheepish charm and not your startling math skill.">><<if $hasdog eq 1 and Math.random() lte 0.35>><html> </html>Even your dog is giving you funny looks.<<endif>> Choose again.\n<<display "p1GetLifeSupportChoices">>
<<set $sshield = $sshield + 10>><<set $sstorage = $sstorage - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetHullChoices">>
!!Darwinist Gladitorialism\n<<if $countdown gte 5>><<set $pasvary = 30>><<else>><<set $pasvary = 15>><<endif>>The contest attracts many contestants and as they are eliminated they become "protestents" at how unfair the contests are. <<randomp passage 40 "p1ContestDeaths" passage 999 "p1ContestGood">>
<<set $gartefacts = $gartefacts + 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
How much life support will you install?\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportA" "25 tons, I am not my brother's keeper.">> (25 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 2 days) - just enough for yourself, your dog and a skeleton crew.\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportB" "150 tons, Other refugee craft are bound to make it.">> (150 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 7 days) - just enough for yourself and 29 others.\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportC" "300 tons, We are the last hope to restart the human race.">> (300 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 12 days) - room for yourself and 59 others.\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportD" "500 tons, We'll probably lose some on the way.">> (500 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 22 days) - room for a hundred souls.\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportE" "1000 tons, We'll want to establish quickly.">> (1000 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 30 days) - room for two hundred refugees.\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportF" "2000 tons, The more the merrier.">> (2000 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 40 days) - room for four hundred refugees.\n* <<choice "p1GetLifeSupportG" "3000 tons, We may need to invade.">> (2000 of <<print $ssize - $sengines>> tons, 45 days) - room for six hundred refugees.
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 1>><<set $pssecurity = $pssecurity - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<if Math.random() gt (($ssize / 10000) * 2) + 0.15>>\n<<display "p1CheckSizePolitics">>\n<<else>><<display "p1GetEngines">><<endif>>
<<if $cp gt 0 or $cp1 gt 0>>\n<<if $cp gt 0>>\nYou still have room! Get some more <<randomp 30 "souls" 30 "people" 999 "refugess">> in there.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $cp1 gt 0>>\nYou have some unallocated skills percentage.<<randomp 30 " You don't want to let in luddites and plebs do you?">> Allocate that percentage<<randomp 30 " or answer to the people" 30 " now">>.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices>>\n<<else>>\n<<if $pachildren eq 0 or $paelders eq 0>>It is only a minor controversy to exclude <<if $pachildren eq 0 and $paelders eq 0>>children and elders<<else>><<if $pachildren eq 0>>children<<else>>elders<<endif>><<endif>>. By now <<randomp 25 "endless" 25 "relentless" 25 "unending" 25 "a variety of">> <<randomp 25 "talkback shows have deluded" 25 "government service announcements have brainwashed" 25 "churches, militant book clubs and underground betting syndicates have forced" 30 "corporate promotions have trained">> the <<randomp 25 "populace" 25 "people" 25 "citizens" 999 "fellowship of man">> to accept <<randomp 30 "that a refugee boat captain must have total authority" 30 "that different refugee boats should have different demographic configurations" 999 "complaining gets them and their associates blacklisted from all refugee boats">>. The only downside is that the best and brightest will not leave without their families.<html><br></html>\n<<endif>><<if $paadults eq 0>>\n<<if $paelders eq 0>>\nThe media has started to call you <<randomp 25 "the Kindergarten Cop" 25 "a pedophile" 25 "the Pied Piper" 999 "Captain Finding Nemo">>. Perhaps a boatload of children will pose less of a threat.\n<<else>><<if $pachildren eq 0>>\nThe retirement boat. <<randomp 25 "Humanity is beyond saving but we can record our culture and our DNA for history" 25 "Gray Power is a powerful lobby" 25 "Other refugee boats are ignoring the elders" 25 "Some people have accomplished so much they deserve a future">>.\n<<else>>\nA boat full of children and the elderly to teach them might pose less of a threat and be spared. <<randomp 30 "Maybe.">>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>><<if $hasdog eq 1>><<if $padog eq 0>>\nYou're leaving dog behind. It pains you, but there is no room for pets. <<randomp passage 40 "p1DogPutDown">>\n<<else>>\nAlthough there is a "no pets" law you feel justified in sneaking your dog aboard.<<randomp 25 " If anybody would know where to hide a dog then a captain would." 25 " Dog needs lifesupport so this means one less human can leave." 25 " You built a secret compartment into the ship design just for dog.">> <<randomp 50 "As you are finally stowing dog, you are discovered by one of your workers. There is no way you can explain yourself and so, almost by reaction, you kill the worker with a power tool. At least it will look like an industrial accident.">>\n<<endif>><<endif>>\n<<if $paself eq 0>>\n<<randomp passage 60 "p1SelfLeftBehindGood" 999 "p1SelfLeftBehindBad">>\n<<else>>\n<<display "p1LoadPeople">>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 5>><<set $pstechnical = $pstechnical - 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $paself = 1>><<set $cp = $cp - 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
With so many people <<randomp 25 "clamouring to get off this rock" 25 "desperate to avoid certain death" 25 "clinging to any sense of hope" 999 "wanting to leave">> it is inevitable that somebody powerful would think you should build a larger SpaceBoat. <<randomp 15 "A union boss" 15 "A well meaning judge" 15 "A notorious gangster" 20 "A Health and Saftey Officer" 15 "A saboteur" 10 "The Minister of Victory" 999 "A key supplier">> shuts downs the launch site and threatens to have you replaced <<randomp 60 "as Captain">>.\n<<set $cp = Math.floor(Math.random()*10) +1>><<if $cp eq 1 or $cp eq 2>>\nNegotiations go on for days and one day, after very publicly losing your cool<<randomp 25 " and insulting somebody's mother" 25 " and using an illegal word">>, the big guns come in to resolve the situation.\n\n<<display "GameOverLostChapterOneReplaced">>\n<<else>><<if $cp eq 3 or $cp eq 4>>\n<<if $hasdog eq 1>>\nYour dog sits quitely at your side managing to look both cute and menacing as you explain your carefully considered reasons for selecting a ship of this particular size. <<randomp 70 "Dog people must be trustworthy because you" 999 "You">> are allowed to continue with your plans<<randomp 40 " without delay">>.\n\n<<display "p1GetEngines">>\n<<else>>\nIt takes a few days of negotiation but finally by <<randomp 40 "making appropriate ritual offerings of paperwork in triplicate to the functionaries inhabiting the hallowed temples of bureaucracy" 40 "using all your charm, intelligence and veiled threats to those that cross you" 999 "quietly showing photographs of certain children outside their schools">> you are allowed to continue with your original plans.\n\n<<set $countdown = $countdown - Math.floor(Math.random() * 3) + 2>>\n\n<<display "p1GetEngines">>\n<<endif>>\n<<else>><<if $cp eq 5 or $cp eq 6 or $cp eq 7>>\nYou are <<randomp 25 " made to " 25 "forced to " 25 "threatened until you">> understand the gravity of the situation and agree to change the plans without delay. Luckily you can recycle some of the existing hull. <<set $countdown = $countdown + 8>>\n\n<<display "p1GetSizeChoices">>\n<<else>>\nYou negotiate for hours with neither side giving way. The situation threatens to escalate into an all out war as you both call in all your allies. The negotiations are made moot when <<if $hasdog eq 1>>your dog<<else>><<randomp 25 "a clumsy apprentice" 25 "a frustrated bystander" 25 "a gust of wind" 999 "a shadowy saboteur">><<endif>> knocks a conveniently open cannister of rocket fuel onto exposed wiring. The resulting explosion and fire leaves the hull useless.\nYou will have to clear the launchsite and start again. <<if $hasdog eq 1>>Dog seems <<randomp 20 "amused" 20 "confused" 20 "sheepish" 20 "playful" 999 "satisfied">>.<<endif>>\n<<set $countdown = $countdown + 1>>\n\n<<display "p1GetSizeChoices">>\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 + 5>><<set $psleader = $psleader - 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
These are dealt with via judical stalling and the brutal peer pressure of the spectators.\n<<display "p1LoadGetEnforcers">>
<<set $cp1 = $cp1 - 5>><<set $pstechnical = $pstechnical + 5>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $cp = $cp - 1>><<set $pachildren = $pachildren + 1>>\n<<display "p1GetPeopleChoices">>
<<set $pmleader = $pmleader + 1>>
<<set $gparts = $gparts - 10>>\n<<display "p1GetStoresChoices">>
[Food.....: <<if $gfood eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $gfood>><<endif>>] <<if $gfood gte 100>><<choice "p1FoodDownH" "-100">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $gfood gte 10>><<choice "p1FoodDown" "-10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 10>><<choice "p1FoodUp" "+10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 100>><<choice "p1FoodUpH" "+100">><<else>>....<<endif>>\n[Parts....: <<if $gparts eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $gparts>><<endif>>] <<if $gparts gte 100>><<choice "p1PartsDownH" "-100">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $gparts gte 10>><<choice "p1PartsDown" "-10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 10>><<choice "p1PartsUp" "+10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 100>><<choice "p1PartsUpH" "+100">><<else>>....<<endif>>\n[Medicine.: <<if $gmedicine eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $gmedicine>><<endif>>] <<if $gmedicine gte 100>><<choice "p1MedicineDownH" "-100">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $gmedicine gte 10>><<choice "p1MedicineDown" "-10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 10>><<choice "p1MedicineUp" "+10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 100>><<choice "p1MedicineUpH" "+100">><<else>>....<<endif>>\n[Artefacts: <<if $gartefacts eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $gartefacts>><<endif>>] <<if $gartefacts gte 100>><<choice "p1ArtefactsDownH" "-100">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $gartefacts gte 10>><<choice "p1ArtefactsDown" "-10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 10>><<choice "p1ArtefactsUp" "+10">><<else>>....<<endif>> | <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts gte 100>><<choice "p1ArtefactsUpH" "+100">><<else>>....<<endif>>\nSpace: <<if $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts eq 0>>0<<else>><<print $sstorage - $gfood - $gparts - $gmedicine - $gartefacts>><<endif>>\n\n<<choice "p1GetStoresDone" "Done">>